India continues to impose anti-dumping duties on PA from Russia

India will continue to impose anti-dumping duties on PAs imported from Russia and at the same time remove Japan from the ADD (anti-dumping duties) list.

The Directorate General of Trade Remedies of India (DGTR) recommended to continue the implementation of ADD on January 5. Previous investigations by the bureau showed that “if the existing ADD ceases, dumping and damage may continue or occur again.” South Asian countries previously imported Russian PA The five-year ADD expires in December 2020.

After receiving complaints from Indian domestic producers IG Petrochemicals, Thirumalai Chemicals and SI Group India Ltd., DGTR launched an investigation in December 2020. "Domestic manufacturers will be able to meet India's complete demand for this product," DGTR said in its review report. "The two existing PA producers have already expanded their production capacity, and commercial production will begin soon after the expanded capacity." The two manufacturers refer to Thirumalai Chemicals and IG Petrochemicals.

SI Group produces phthalates and their derivatives. The new ADD is expected to be implemented within three months.

PA is a chemical intermediate for the production of phthalate plasticizers, saturated and unsaturated polyester resins. PA is widely used in the production of paints and varnishes and plasticizers for PVC products. A small amount is used to make rubber products and tires. In addition, it is also used in the light industry, pharmaceutical and electrical industries.