New infrastructure construction is shaping the future of Industrial Internet

At the press conference of the National Development and Reform Commission on April 20, the official first clarified the scope of "new infrastructure construction", which includes information infrastructure, converged infrastructure, and innovative infrastructure.

Information infrastructure

Mainly refers to the infrastructure generated based on the evolution of a new generation of information technology, such as the communication network infrastructure represented by 5G, the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet, and the satellite Internet, and the new ones represented by artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, etc. Technical infrastructure, such as computing power infrastructure represented by data centers and intelligent computing centers.

Converged infrastructure

Mainly refers to the in-depth application of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to support the transformation and upgrading of traditional infrastructure, and then form a converged infrastructure, such as intelligent transportation infrastructure, smart energy infrastructure, etc.

Innovative infrastructure

Mainly refers to the infrastructure with public welfare attributes supporting scientific research, technology development, and product development, such as major scientific and technological infrastructure, science and education infrastructure, industrial technology innovation infrastructure, etc.

Tian Jietang, deputy minister and researcher of the Innovation and Development Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council, believes that the new infrastructure is the "road" and the industrial Internet is the "car". Only road-vehicle collaboration can push China's digital economy to a new advanced stage.

The coordinated development of the two will definitely prosper the digital economy ecology, making people move towards a new stage of digital economy where computing is ubiquitous, software defines everything, the network contains everything, connectivity is readily available, broadband is endless, and wisdom lightens the future of the digital economy.

The government mentioned relevant content 5 times within 20 days, 2 times mentioned 5G network, and mentioned data center for the first time on March 4. It shows that China attaches great importance to the new infrastructure and its determination to accelerate the deployment from a policy perspective.

New infrastructure construction will push the Industrial Internet into the take-off period.

In the past, industrial Internet platforms only focused on business models and ignored the basic environment of business models. Now with the advent of the new infrastructure boom, the construction of basic environment of business models will be valued, which also facilitates the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines, and things. The Industrial Internet will enter a period of dual-axis driving of technology and supply chain, providing a better technical environment and support for the landing of the Industrial Internet, and the development of the Industrial Internet is also more optimistic. Embracing the industrial Internet will be a better choice for the company's future development.

Industrial Internet is the demand support for the smooth progress of new infrastructure construction.

Based on the new infrastructure construction, the Industrial Internet will show full vitality and broad space, and play an increasingly important role in helping traditional industries improve quality and increase efficiency.

Taking the chemical market as an example, through Internet links and the accumulation of big data, it can be disintermediated, and the needs of terminal merchants and even consumers can be fed back to the upstream producers in one step. Based on this, manufacturers can reasonably control production capacity and adjust production capacity structure to solve the problem of capacity reduction at the source. At the same time, it can find the cheapest goods for downstream purchasers in the shortest time, reducing transaction links and transaction costs in the chemical industry Significantly improved.

If there is no industrial Internet, the return on investment of new infrastructure will be greatly reduced. The Industrial Internet is an effective support to ensure the smooth progress of the new infrastructure.

MOLBASE hereby is dedicated to completing our ecosystem to integrate new solutions to solve pain points in the traditional chemical industry and leads to an intelligent industrial Internet.


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