Chemical Industry Research Report Week 30

Due to limited raw materials, the supply of vitamin D3 is tightened, and prices are expected to rise: the national standard for feed additive vitamin D3 oil stipulates that the starting material of vitamin D3 oil is lanolin cholesterol, which limits the use of brainstem cholesterol. The raw material is limited and the supply of vitamin D3 shrinks, and the price is expected to rise. The current market price is 175-190 yuan/kg, up 5 yuan/kg month-on-month.

The price of vitamin E is high in a narrow range: the demand for isopropanol is improving, and the price rises, which drives the price of acetone to soar, pushing up the cost of vitamin E. At present, the domestic VE market price is 63-68 yuan/kg, down 2 yuan/kg from last week, and European quotation is 7.0-7.2 euros/kg, up 0.2-0.3 euros/kg from last week, maintaining a high level.

MDI rebounded after falling: the current domestic market price is 11400-11900 yuan/ton barrel, down 0.85% from the previous month. BASF on the supply side stopped in Chongqing. It did not accept new orders in July and locked the July settlement price of 11,800 yuan/ton in advance. Wanhua’s supply was tight in July, and the supply from Ruian manufacturers has remained small. South Korean manufacturers have not completed the sales plan in July. Receiving a new order; the time for the imported goods to arrive in Hong Kong is delayed due to the weather.

In the short term, the domestic aggregate MDI market spot will tighten, and it is expected that the domestic aggregate MDI market will still have room for growth. R22 remains strong: the actual transaction price in the East China market is concentrated in the range of RMB 1.5-15,500/ton. The price of hydrofluoric acid on the raw material side tends to be stable; the supply side has started to work stably, and under the influence of quota restrictions, manufacturers are willing to pay prices; the demand side domestic after-sales market is affected by the temperature and the peak season is not booming.

Source from EBSCN