China Finalizes 7 National Standards for VOCs Control

On March 4, 2020, the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) issued National Standard Notice No.2 of 2020 on the publication of 7 national standards for VOCs control. These standards set the limits of total VOC contents and special volatile hazardous substances in different products, and most of them will enter into effect on December 1, 2020. Table shows the basic information on these standards and their implementation date. 

Table 1. Information on the 9 Finalized VOC Control Standards 

Standard No.

Standard Title

Replaced Standard

Implementation Date

GB 38469-2019

Limit of harmful substances of marine coatings

July 1, 2020

GB 38468-2019

Limit of harmful substances of interior floor coatings

July 1, 2020

GB 38507-2020

Limits of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in printing ink

April 1, 2021

GB 38508-2020

The limit standard for volatile organic compounds content in cleaning agents

December 1, 2020

GB 33372-2020

Limit of volatile organic compound content in adhesives

GB/T 33372-2016

December 1, 2020

GB 24409-2020

Limit of harmful substances of vehicle coatings

GB 24409-2009

December 1, 2020

GB 18581-2020

Limit of harmful substances of woodenware coatings

GB 18581-2009,

GB 24410-2009

December 1, 2020

GB 18582-2020

Limit of harmful substances of architectural wall coatings

GB 18582-2008,

GB 24408-2009

December 1, 2020

GB 30981-2020

Limit of harmful substances of industrial protective coatings

GB 30981-2014

December 1, 2020

More info are available in this notice

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