Chemical Industry Research Report Week 48

MDI: Since mid-November, the domestic MDI market has entered a weak consolidation state. Last week, the domestic MDI market continued to pull back. According to Baichuan data, on November 20, the domestic pure MDI quotation was 27,750 yuan/ton, which was down 4.31% on the 7th and 7.50% on the 30th; the aggregate MDI price was 21,056 yuan/ton, 7 The month-on-day decline was 4.16% and the 30-day month-on-month decline was 1.25%. In terms of different regions, the market in South China is dominated by a wait-and-see situation, the quotations in East China have fallen, while the prices in North China remain high. Considering that the current high price resistance of downstream companies is still obvious, the overall inquiries are average and the trading volume is deserted, the domestic MDI price will remain high in the short term.

DMC: Last week, the domestic market price of dimethyl carbonate continued to rise. According to Baichuan data, on November 20, the price of industrial grade dimethyl carbonate was 13,100 yuan/ton, an increase of 23.58% on the 7th and 14.81% on the 30th. The mainstream transaction prices in the market are concentrated between 13000-13400 yuan/ton. From the demand side, downstream companies still focus on just-needed procurement. From the perspective of cost, the price of propylene oxide, the raw material, continued its upward trend last week, which played a strong role in supporting the price of dimethyl carbonate. From the perspective of the supply side, manufacturers are still in a state of ordering sales, and the spot supply is tight. In summary, dimethyl carbonate will continue to run at a high level in the short term.

Source from WLZQ