Chemical Industry Research Report Week 18

Polymer MDI and acetic acid prices continue to rise. The gross margin between chemical supply and demand is getting improved.

The bottom of crude oil prices continued to pick up this week, partly due to the supply of industries, and the improved supply and demand, such as polymeric MDI, acetic acid, etc., continued to rebound in price, but due to weak demand, the prices of most cyclical products remained low. The sub-sectors with reduced maintenance have gradually increased, the inventory of cyclical products has remained at a high level, domestic demand has gradually stabilized, the marginal impact of external demand has diminished, and the downstream market and upstream supply have been in a more pessimistic state. The balance of supply and demand for chemical products, the pessimism in the secondary market is gradually easing, the worst situation of the industry's leading fundamentals is basically over, and the independent market is expected to take the lead.

This week, the operating rate of Jiangsu and Zhejiang looms was 50%. Driven by the rebound in crude oil prices, the industry chain sentiment improved, the price difference between PTA and PX, and the price difference between polyester filament and raw materials were 766 and 1028 yuan, respectively. The procurement of agricultural materials demand is stable, and the main demand for spring farming this week aggregates MDI domestic market mainstream negotiations at 11,700 yuan / ton, the price bottom rebounded about 200 yuan from last week, and the pure MDI domestic market mainstream negotiations at 13,250 yuan / ton, stable from last week. Mainly from May 2020, Wanhua Chemical ’s polymer MDI distribution market in China has a list price of 13,500 yuan / ton (a month-on-month price in 2020). Limited supply will start. Wanhua ’s Ningbo production line will be shut down. Shanghai manufacturers will also be overhauled in the future. plan. Flat price), the direct selling market listing price is 14,000 yuan / ton (the price is flat compared with April 2020); the pure MDI listing price is 15,800 yuan / ton (the price is reduced by 900 yuan / ton from April 2020).

Source from sywgqh