MOLBASE was awarded the "China Industrial Internet Top 100 of Year 2020"

On September 4, the 2020 China Industrial Internet Autumn Summit was be held in Shanghai with the theme of "New Infrastructure, New Industry, New Interconnection". As the first large-scale event in the domestic industrial Internet industry this year, this summit attracted outstanding enterprises, listed companies, investment institutions, experts and scholars from the industrial Internet field across the country to jointly make suggestions for the development of the industrial Internet industry. 


At the beginning of the conference, Zhang Jian, deputy director of the System Institute of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, delivered a keynote speech on innovation and digitization. In his speech, Director Zhang pointed out that the fundamental task of digital transformation is the reconstruction of the value system. He believes that any digital transformation activity of an enterprise should be carried out around value benefits. The key driving factor of digital transformation is data. Data is the fifth major production factor after land, labor, capital, and technology. Give full play to data as the core key of information communication media, credit media, knowledge and experience, and new carriers of skills. Function and effectively stimulate the potential of data innovation-driven.

In the introduction of successful case analysis of digitalization, Director Zhang specifically mentioned the industrial Internet model developed by MOLBASE based on the world's leading chemical encyclopedia database, and expressed his approval for the MOLBASE model.

Afterwards, the meeting proceeded smoothly in accordance with the modules of "Investors on Industrial Internet" and "Entrepreneurs on Industrial Internet". A number of high-level investment institutions and leaders of various industry platforms gave wonderful sharing speeches.

In the second half of the conference, the organizers held a grand awards ceremony for the outstanding domestic industrial Internet platforms and enterprises. As the world's leading chemical e-commerce integrated service platform, MOLBASE was once again on the list of "2020 China's Top 100 Industrial Internet Enterprises".

As the first stock of industrial Internet US stocks, MOLBASE is the industry's fastest growing chemical e-commerce platform with the largest transaction scale. With years of hard work in the chemical market, MOLBASE is well versed in the laws of the industry market, and has completed a leading and comprehensive layout in the fields of chemical trading, supply chain finance, and data services. It has also deepened reforms and upgraded business models. In the context of the era of big data, it helps the industry to upgrade its intelligence.

With the in-depth development of the industrial Internet industry, MOLBASE will continue to strengthen iterations and efficiently empower the industrial chain, allowing traditional enterprises to share the new changes and opportunities brought by Internet big data, and provide diversified services under the support of data. Satisfy customers' multi-dimensional demands and empower enterprise development.

Source from MOLBASE