How to choose detergent for house cleaning?

Due to cleaning needs, all kinds of cleaners come into view. In order to effectively remove stains, family members must carefully select suitable cleaners.


When many people buy cleansers, they will choose the thicker ones, which feel thicker, the content of ingredients in them is high, and the cleaning ability is strong. Is this really the case? Frequent washing with detergent will cause some irritation to the hand skin. Will longtime tableware washed with detergent affect our body?

What is the main ingredients of detergent?

Sodium Alkylbenzene Sulfonate

It has good decontamination and emulsification power, hard water resistance, good foaming power, and is a green surfactant with good biodegradability. It is commonly used in detergents and cosmetics. It is neutral. It is particularly sensitive to the hardness of water, so the decontamination ability in soft water is better than that in hard water. Its degreasing ability is stronger and it is irritating to the skin to a certain extent. Using detergent to damage the skin is the reason for it.

Sodium lauryl polyoxyethylene ether sulfate (encyclopedia)


Fatty alcohol ether sodium sulfate (also known as fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sodium sulfate) is abbreviated as AES, which is a kind of negative ion surfactant, solid, easily soluble in water, good decontamination and foaming ability, strong resistance to hard water , Belongs to a relatively mild washing property, will not damage the skin.

The effect of surfactants on the body

Surfactants entering the human body will interfere with many of our body's metabolism. According to research by relevant departments, the amount of active agent that each of us can take is 0.3-3mg per day, and the rinsed residue is safe within this range.

Is the detergent thicker, more foamy, and better?

The detergent is thick because of the addition of a viscous agent. The detergent has only water, active agent, foaming agent and other raw materials. The produced detergent is very thin and will be wasted during cleaning, so it is necessary to add viscosity In the same way, too much foam is also the reason for the foaming agent. The cleaning ability of detergent is determined by the amount of surfactant, rather than viscous or foaming agent. On the contrary, too much foam will cause the washing not to be clean. Too much foam will cause some pollution to the environment.

Source from MOLBASE