Leaders of Suzhou City Visited MOLBASE

Su Xueqing, member of the Standing Committee of the Xiangcheng District Committee of Suzhou City and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-speed Railway New Town, Zhou Xiaojun, the director of the High-speed Railway New Town Science and Business Bureau, and Fan Rong, the Minister of the Second Investment Promotion Department of the High-speed Railway New Town Science and Business Bureau, visited the MOLBASE headquarters for inspection and exchange. MOLBASE Chairman Dr. Chang Dongliang, CEO Dr. Wang Zheng, Director Sun Yangzheng, Yuanchuang Capital Chairman Wang Hao, and Vice President Zhang Ju warmly received the visiting leaders and held discussions.


At the meeting, Dr. Chang introduced the business models of MOLBASE including platform, trading, finance, supply chain and strategic layout to the visitors, and discussed the development status of domestic industrial Internet.


Su recognized MOLBASE's business model and achievements, and introduced the development positioning and planning of Suzhou High-speed Rail New City. The high-speed rail new city is the northern core part of the development positioning of "one core and four cities" in the central city of Suzhou. The construction of the new city will take "internationalization, modernization and informatization" as the overall requirements, and vigorously develop big data, unmanned driving, digital currency, and industrial Internet And other emerging industries. Su also introduced the exploration and experience of the current high-speed rail new city in the development of blockchain technology, smart warehousing and logistics upgrades, and park safety management.

image.pngMOLBASE and the development positioning of Suzhou High-speed Rail New City are in line. Both parties look forward to further discussion and communication in the industrial Internet and big data fields in the future to promote cooperation and achieve a win-win situation.