HIAS UCAS - MOLBASE Industrial IOT Industry Research Institute project signing

On May 11, 2021, the 2021 Science, Technology, Innovation, Industry and Finance Conference of Hangzhou Institute of Advanced Study(HIAS) opened in Yunqi Town.

At this conference, HIAS, MOLBASE Group, Shenzhen Zhongxing Environmental Protection Group and Zhejiang Chinese Academy of Sciences Applied Technology Research Institute established the "University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Hangzhou Higher Institute-MOLBASE Industrial Internet of Things Industry Research Institute" to jointly create industrial things. The networked application system has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. All parties will give full play to their respective advantages to achieve a strong alliance, mutual benefit, win-win and common development.

The project is a school-enterprise application research and development platform that combines multidisciplinary scientific research technology and market application subjects of HIAS. It is planned to promote the forward-looking, systematic and strategic overall structure of high-end smart sensors and Internet of Things application technology through three years of construction. Research and improve the key technologies, solution applications, and standard design of digital base construction and industrial interconnection, business interconnection, and industrial interconnection industrial network architecture, and provide technical capability support for construction planning and comprehensive application in the industry field.


At the meeting, Dr. Chang Dongliang, the founder and chairman of MOLBASE, was hired as the first batch of industrial consultants of Hangzhou Higher Education Institute. He will jointly build training bases and other forms with Hangzhou Higher Education Institute to build a bridge between industry needs and talent training. Build a graduate education and training system that integrates production, education and research.


Chang Dongliang gave a keynote speech on "Collaborative Innovation between Enterprises and Universities-From Science and Technology to Technology Application". The summary of this content is as follows:


The cooperation between enterprises and universities:

The cooperation between universities and enterprises is the driving force to promote the development of modern society and economy. The cooperation between enterprises and universities makes the advantages and resources of both parties the best complement, allocation and sharing. Universities have concentrated many elements of cooperation with enterprises, such as talents, scientific research projects, and a strong desire to cooperate with market applications. I think the cooperation between enterprises and universities is one of the main ways to promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

The cooperation between MOLBASE and HIAS

HIAS is the only comprehensive new research and development institution of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Zhejiang that integrates talent training, cutting-edge scientific research and development, and promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to serve social and economic development. It integrates science, education, and production, and gathers the powerful scientific and technological resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. , To improve the quality and efficiency of local economic and social development.

MOLBASE Group builds an infrastructure service system for the development of the industry’s digital economy on the basis of the data center of the chemical and new materials industry, and in the planning "upgrading one level, sinking one level" policy, to enhance the industry data center and vertical e-commerce services The three dimensions of the platform and the industrial Internet infrastructure are more compatible with the multi-disciplinary scientific research direction and development concept of Hangzhou Higher Institute.

This cooperation is an all-round cooperation. The Hangzhou Higher Institute’s positioning of "forward-looking, territorial and systematic" in promoting the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements is in line with the development strategy needs of the MOLBASE Group.

The vision of the development of the Industrial Internet of Things Industry Research Institute

The Industrial Internet of Things Industry Research Institute, which signed the cooperation this time, is an application research and development institution with domain-based intelligent sensing technology, big data application technology, and systemic rules and standards as its core. Sensors, industrial 5G private networks, data processing, enterprise-side software and hardware services and standard systems and other technical requirements, MOLBASE Group will further integrate market application advantages, and conduct comprehensive application technology research and development cooperation with Hangzhou Higher Institute of physical information and intelligent technology. , To promote the development of smart parks, smart cities and other fields, enrich the construction of digital bases, and promote the application of digital twin technology.

As a new type of teaching and research institution jointly established by Hangzhou City and the National University of Science and Technology, Hangzhou Advanced Institute integrates science, education, and production. It gathers the powerful scientific and technological resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to improve the quality and efficiency of local economic and social development. With the successful implementation of the innovation and entrepreneurship and industrial incubation base in Hangzhou Higher Institute and the release of the science and innovation brain, it will further provide strong carrier support for innovation and entrepreneurship and the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the development of the integration of government, industry, university and research, and help realize the The beautiful vision of building cities with science and technology, developing businesses with science and technology, and benefiting people with science and technology.



Source from MOLBASE