The opening ceremony of ZTE MOLBASE was successfully held.

On October 10, 2020, Henan Zhongxing MOLBASE Data Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ZTE MOLBASE), the preferred service provider of the industrial Internet, was established for 100 days. The opening ceremony was held in Zhengzhou.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Gu Minhui, general manager of ZTE MOLBASE, introduced the company's establishment background, company mission and company business structure.

The industrial Internet is the key support of the fourth industrial revolution. 5G is the main trend of the evolution and upgrading of the new generation of information and communication technologies. The integration and innovation of the two will promote the manufacturing industry from single-point and partial information technology applications to digitalization and networking, and intelligent transformation. With the recent introduction of a series of policies such as the "512 Project" and "New Infrastructure", the 5G Industrial Internet will also more effectively support the construction of a manufacturing power and a network power, and become the main driving force for the digital transformation of the industrial economy and society.


MOLBASE Group joined hands with ZTE Environmental Protection, relying on MOLBASE Group's years of industrial Internet accumulation in the chemical and chemical industry, equipped with ZTE's 5G communication technology, and established ZTE MOLBASE, aiming to provide full life cycle management solutions for the chemical industry Program. The company will serve customers with different roles in the entire industry chain from the three dimensions of business, management, and supervision, and help the Internet-based development of the chemical industry.

In-depth discussions with partners such as the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, the Henan Institute of Emergency Management Science and Technology, the Broadcasting Network, China Mobile, Pingmei Shenma and many other partners On the previous day, ZTE MOLBASE assembled its various technical advantages and developed a chemical full-life cycle management solution product-"Leader 1.0", which passed the test and acceptance, and was also unveiled at the opening ceremony.

Mr. Jiang Xing, technical director of ZTE MOLBASE, gave a detailed introduction to "Leading 1.0".

"Leading 1.0", as a chemical life cycle management tool, provides technical support for the four major functions (production, sales, logistics, and warehousing) from enterprises to park customers. At the same time, it can also meet regulatory requirements and provide technical support for chemicals and hazardous chemicals. Escort the development of the chemical industry.

"Leading 1.0" includes modules such as industrial Internet construction, industrial Internet of Things platform, static management platform, chemical trading platform, supply chain services, chemical standardization traceability, hazardous source management platform, hazardous chemicals logistics supervision and storage and transmission supervision. Through software and hardware link perception technology, intelligent automatic control, supervision and early warning functions in the chemical industry are realized.

Subsequently, Qiu Yifeng of the Ministry of Commerce of ZTE MOLBASE introduced the service content of the ZTE MOLBASE Business Platform. In addition to traditional agency products, supply chain finance and digital customization, ZTE MOLBASE can also provide chemical companies with full-process services including registration, fiscal and taxation, human resources, office locations, dividend policies, and qualification declarations.

Zhou Shaofeng, a 5G industrial private network expert from ZTE MOLBASE Strategy Department, shared from the perspectives of the importance of industrial data security, the significance of private network construction, and construction goals. It also introduced the construction structure, deployment method and industrial data application of the industrial private network from a technical perspective.

Bai Hongkui, Director of Product Center of MOLBASE Group, introduced MOLBASEi's comprehensive service solution product for chemical business transactions-MLF. The content of MLF covers the entire chemical industry chain, helping global chemical customers to establish marketing channels, product promotion and customer acquisition, online trading, supply chain and financial services, which can help companies improve operating efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Finally, professionals from ZTE Smart City took smart street lamp solutions as a case to show us how the 5G Internet infrastructure and smart devices can help build a smart and interconnected smart city in the “Internet of Everything” era, and contribute to the future of the chemical industry. Intelligent development provides a reference for development ideas.

The opening ceremony was a complete success. ZTE MOLBASE has set sail and will achieve a breakthrough in the focus of the chemical industry in the future. It will help the development of the entire industry and join hands with thousands of enterprises and parks for a win-win situation!