Procurement Services

With more than 100,000 buyers, 40000 chemical suppliers and nine million chemical products on the platform, MOLBASE pools the purchase orders for the same chemicals submitted by many buyers, and negotiates with the suppliers for a deep discount to reduce the cost for buyers. Moreover, MOLBASE also provides a one stop shopping service for global customers, going through the procurement processes on behalf of them to help them finish purchasing in China in a smooth and cost-saving way.

Some of the service can be summarized as follows:

(1) Factory inspection: Molbase can provide inspection report of suppliers' factories. The report may include status of factories, production lines, filling lines, warehouse, etc. Moreover, photos and video materials can be provided upon the request;

(2) Sample support: Molbase can provide samples to make sure buyers find the right products. Buyers also can check the product consistency to avoid further risks;

(3) Product Authenticity: MOLBASE ensures that all chemicals purchased meet the highest QC (third party quality inspections such as SGS) standards and arrive with all relevant documentation attached for customer convenience;

(4) Supply chain services: Molbase provides customers with integrated supply chain services, including warehousing, logistics and other value-added services;

(5) Export/Import: Molbase provides tax refund & customs clearance, plus foreign currency exchange service for global buyers

To know more about the services, please feel free to contact; MOLBASE representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have.