Flagship Shop

The flagship shop is a fee-for-service for companies who would like to break the traditional offline sales barriers and give way to new online sales channel for their products and services. Through flagship shop service, companies can enhance their brand visibility, promote their products online and facilitate their transactions. As part of our effort to attract more suppliers and increase brand awareness on our Online Platform, we select partners with reputable brands in the chemical industry, inviting them to open their flagship shops on our Online Platform. A comprehensive service package is provided to the brands, including but not limited to online store management and maintenance, customer service, advertising and promotion services. A one-time fee of $19000 will be charged for setting up a flagship shop.

To open up a flagship shop, the following documents are required:

(1) Standard LOGO template for the company;

(2) A copy of the company's business license;

(3) Bank account of the company;

(4) Certificates for handling hazardous chemicals (for hazardous chemicals);

(5) A Copy of Production license (if any)

So far, many companies including DSM, AkzoNobel, DKSH, Transfar , and AJH Sweet, have opened flagship stores on the platform.

Please contact MOLBASE at sales@molbase.com to schedule a detailed discussion with us. We would be delighted to guide you go through the whole process of opening a flagship shop on the platform.