Users' FAQ

1. What is MOLBASE?

MOLBASE is a leading compound database and one-stop E-Commerce solutions for pharm, biotech, specialty industry and research organizations, delivering research chemicals, building blocks and custom chemistry products worldwide.

MOLBASE is a free search engine that allows users to search for any compounds by molecular name, CAS number and structure. Users can get comprehensive information about the compounds, including properties, preparation, safety and spectrum, etc. It is also very convenient for users to access deeper information about the compounds and place orders from any qualified MOLBASE suppliers.

2. I have a lot of products, how can I display them on MOLBASE?

If you have a large number of compounds, MOLBASE has a time-saving uploading method for you to import your catalog to the database. You can also revise information about the products in this way.

Suppliers who have a large number of products are suggested to upload their catalogs and revise the product information to the database through our website importing tool. It is much more time-saving.

3. What if I want to keep my price and stock information to the specified region and user only?

MOLBASE encourages suppliers to open the information because:

1) The market price of a product is basically transparent to the purchasers, and the price information is also available for them through their own commercial channels. What online pricing can do is to save inquiring time and ensure products can be supplied to buyers as soon as possible.

2) With stock information online, purchasers can not only connect with suitable suppliers according to their purchasing quantity but also legitimate suppliers.

3) Most of the purchasers still need price and stock information online to do the business. In addition, it is also one of MOLBASE’s specialty to share the price information online.

4. What’s the price of Tabs-Pexid-perhexilene maleate(or other certain compound)?

You can directly input the CAS No. or the compound’s name into the search box, and search results will show you suppliers who can provide or produce the product. After viewing the details, you can make inquiries to suppliers and wait for their feedback then.

5. What’s the best clue on making opals(or other certain compound)?

MOLBASE is a chemical search engine equipped with an e-commercial service platform where there are plenty of professional suppliers. Please register an account and contact them for the details if you have any interest.

6. I can’t find any suppliers for the compound I’m looking for.

Don’t worry. First, please make sure the name, CAS No. or functional group you input is correct. Second, please fill out the details in POST BUYING REQUEST form. MOLBASE will try our best to recommend and help you to find a suitable supplier.

7. Can you supply BROMOPHENOL BLUE SODIUM SALT(or other certain compound)?

Dear customer, MOLBASE is an e-commercial platform rather than a simple supplier. Indeed there are lots of high-quality suppliers on MOLBASE waiting for your requests. Please directly make inquiries to them, and they will give you feedback about the product ASAP.

8. Why does the supplier I inquired cancel my inquiry?

Sometimes the supplier is not able to provide. In this case, please post your inquiry through POST BUYING REQUEST channel and MOLBASE will recommend other suppliers for you.

9. What if customer service is not online?

Please leave us a message writing down your contact e-mail and phone number. We will contact you very soon.

10.How do you charge me if I ask Molbase to help purchase for me?

MOLBASE does not charge any fees from buyers. Enjoy your time on MOLBASE.


1.We advise that buyers can register an account first and then make inquiries to Suppliers. Registration will bring you a lot of convenience. It is also much easier for MOLBASE to provide better service for a registered buyer when needed.

2.When you are going to leave a message or post a quick inquiry to MOLBASE, please provide your information as detailed as possible, which helps MOLBASE hit the most accurate compound and information for you.