Supplier's Account

After logging in, click 'My Account' to edit basic information.

Uncertified suppliers can apply for certification through submitting a valid company name, contact person, region, telephone number, and company scale and type, etc. Once certified, part of the information will be locked, modifications of which will not be allowed any more.


(1) Management of Quotes List

Users can also manage received Posts within their supplier center. A supplier can easily look through the inquiries from global buyers within the Quotes List, and choose to reply to them or reject to quote.

"My Posts" shows your own inquiries to other suppliers and inquiries from buyers respectively.



(2) Management of your Products

MOLBASE suppliers can upload and download their catalog, and edit the products online.

Suppliers can edit information files of your own products, update properties, prices, stock information, lead-time, supply capacity, etc. Documentation like COA, MSDS, Spectra, etc. can also be uploaded, which will help you connect with a qualified buyer in a more efficient way.

Using the tag 'Add Products', you can either submit your product that has been identified by a CAS number or draw a molecular structure and add it to your catalog, which supports the input of a molecule with or without registry number (like CAS No.).


You can also upload your catalog by clicking 'Batch Uploads', as follows. Download a template (*.xls, required fields as marked in file: Product No., CAS number, English name, Purity, Package1, etc.). Follow the example to fill in the form and save it to your disk, and then click 'upload'. Please refer to the product uploading guide.

(3) Data Access Control

Suppliers also can 'select' suppliers by 'Customer Limits'.

Select the regions where you do not want to display your products and submit.

Your products will be open to all regions in default settings.


Suppliers also can limit specification by 'Purchase Order Specification Limits'.


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