Structure Editor

MOLBASE uses the ChemWriter editor as structure input interface, a professional and easy-to-use chemical structure drawing toolkit. You can find chemical compounds details by drawing chemical structure.

LassoSelect substructures. You can move the selected part   using the mouse or delete it by clicking 'delete' on the keyboard.
Delete and Clean

Delete:Delete a bond or element.

Clean:Remove everything on the drawing board. 
Element, Charge + and -

Element: Add chemical elements and functional groups.

Charge:Increase or decrease charges on pressed atom.

RingsUse this button to add ring circle structures.
Chemical bondsUse this button to add chemical bonds.

If you need to return to the previous step in the

 drawing, use the undo button, and the redo button re-appliesthe last undone edit.

CenteringMove the structure to the board center and  auto-scale the view.

Zoom in and out

Use the zoom-in button to see the details of the

 drawing, and zoom-out button for overall layout.

Export and Import

Users can export their structure drawn online to a .mol   file, or import a .mol file to see the structure. 

This function supports 'copy' and 'paste'. 

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