Search Method

MOLBASE is a professional chemical compounds search engine, providing commercial and R&D information for both scientific research and bulk quantity buyers. MOLBASE’s database manages molecules via text, formula, product name and chemical structure.


MOLBASE is a free service that allows buyers and users to search and make inquiries for chemicals using their molecular name, CAS number, structure, substructure and similarities to other chemicals. MOLBASE is dedicated to providing a reliable and accurate database of molecular information and structures to serve the global chemical, pharmaceutical, custom synthesis, outsourcing, specialty chemicals and biomedical R&D industries around the world.

1.Text search


Text search examples: ”77-92-9

MOLBASE search also supports using of wildcard '*' and uncompleted product name.

For example:

Searching for “Moxifloxacin*”, “Moxifloxacin” will return results as follows:




2.Structure Search

Draw a molecular structure in the editor, select one of the match modes, and search for the compounds. 

MOLBASE supports three different structure search modes.

(1)Exact Match

Findsonly the exact chemical compound you have drawn, with no substituents at any position. Isotope variants and stereoisomers are also found. MOLBASE search also caters for chiral compounds. You can select either the right-handed or left-handed compound in the search results.

(2)Substructure Search

Find all the compounds containing the structure that is the scaffold or partial structure you have drawn.

Note:searches for common substructures may return too many results (i.e. hundreds of thousands). In that     case, you should more specifically refine your structure. 

(3) Similarity search

By using the molecular structure similarity search, the target molecule will display a higher proportion of shared structural and/or functional characteristics.